YOUR KIDS MY KIDS FOUNDATION, INC, a non-stock, non-profit organization, duly accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC), is engaged in sourcing funds through donations and other related fund-raising activities for the benefit of its beneficiaries: the marginalized sectors of society, specifically the youth.

Our Story

After the Ondoy tragedy, the illegal settlers along the banks of Pasig River were relocated in earnest to Calauan, Laguna, at the Bayan Ni Juan Relocation Site. To date, around 6,000 families have been assigned a dwelling. But livelihood opportunities did not come as quickly. Unit of endless row houses is all they got. A One sorry outcome: 75% of the kids attending the public school exhibited severe to noticeable levels of malnutrition which in turn arrest the development of the children’s brains. As an adult they will be encumbered by their “lesser fighting chance” in life, a generation of losers.

Locals welcomed the new settlers, but social problems and criminality has gone upwards.  Many business corporations and charitable institutions gave generous support in the beginning, but all that is now in the wane. Outside help cannot be forever.

A religious congregation, the Salesians of Don Bosco, committed to stay with the people. They provide religious services, operate a little clinic with an ambulance, prepare the groundwork for long-term skills and livelihood training, and above all building the trust of the people so essential to creating a viable community.

No livelihood plus very little family income equals hunger and undernourishment especially the children. Children: the most helpless segment.

Happy Tummies was put up, meant to address the most basic problem of nourishment.

Happy Tummies

HAPPY TUMMIES: a six-month supplemental nourishment program providing one solid meal daily for kids aged 4 to 12.

Each kid needs an investment of P4,500 for the six-month duration of the program (one run per year).

Allow us to call your donations as investments instead, investments for the future of the country. A malnourished child suffers a life-long arrested development of the brain. They become a generation of losers. Inang Bayan can ill afford that. We will not allow that.

Support comes mainly from friends. Your Kids My Kids Foundation, Inc. sources the funds. The local community provides manpower and operational requirements.

We believe that no lasting social change can happen without compassion or kagandahang-loob. This is our main investment.

We believe that kagandahang-loob is not about big money; these are instead the voluntary acts of kindness of countless individuals extended to suffering neighbors. Last year, we succeeded to raise P2million with our simple homey efforts; we can do it again!

OuR Track Record

YOUR KIDS MY KIDS FOUNDATION, INC persisted with HAPPY TUMMIES, a six-month daily supplemental feeding program for 300 severely malnourished kids. With our EDUCARE outreach, we also support the food requirements of some vocational training centers for out-of-school youth. We believe that education is the long-term solution to the hunger problem. To date, we are committed to help build two classrooms for voc-tech training in Nueva Ecija. On the side, we have extended support to youth leadership training seminars.

Hunger Mitigation and Youth Formation Initiatives

We will engage in hunger mitigation and youth formation initiatives. We will help in lowering the incidence of hunger among the children and in turn lower the child malnutrition and build the manpower base of the country.

We believe that lowering the incidence of hunger is a long – term solution in building the manpower base of the country. Rise and fall of society depends on the workforce. If you have strong workforce you have a strong society depends on the workforce. If you have a strong workforce, you have a strong society. We want to make sure those entering the workforce are prepared.

Create Opportunities

We will create opportunities for individuals and groups to share in youth empowerment activities. We also want to give opportunity to people to bring out what is good in them, to bring out their generosity. These donors feel helpless with the problems they see around. We will provide them the avenue for them to bring out their generosity. We can assure our donors that they can be safe in their homes or offices and yet they can feed a child.


We are YKMKFI.

The lead organization that builds the Fiipino youth into the resilient manpower base of the country.


We will engage in hunger mitigation and youth formation initiatives.

We will create opportunities for individuals and groups to share in youth empowerment activities.



agents of nation building


conducting business without reproach


Finding new ways of thinking and helping the youth


Going beyond our limits


Everything we do is an expression of our discipleship