Soul By Design Inc.

Created to form a certain critical mentality among young adults in relation to their work and relationships, cement their values system to have an integrated outlook on life, which is the very human foundation of life leading to servant leadership with “Code of Champions, Six Secrets of Living A Life With No Regrets” seminar as its main module.

But we have issues with our own lives, therefore we will help build the person through accompaniment seminars like taking care of the dynamics of the present through Enneagram; the past issues by breaking the inner child, regression for healing and moving on, leading to integration; and the future by making our own choices through discernment, and renewing through midlife seminars. It is also about synchronicity, giving soulfulness to life and empowering the person.


Assist the workforce to be more responsive to the fast changing corporate landscape


We are a team of training professionals. We facilitate the inner exploration of the individual.

Our Core Values


Cultivate character


Have a heart


Aim for a mission


Maintain balance


Prioritize the spirit


Stay the course

Code of Champions

Course Description

Choose to be happy. It is a choice many people have never consciously made; theirs is a case of waiting for happiness to happen. Alas. Despite all the excitement, we live in a lonely world. Genuine happiness seems to slip through our fingers as days go by. The virtual superhighways undoubtedly made life easier for us, so easy in fact, that we don’t need to get out of our homes to transact business.

The message of happiness has become more urgent today. in fact, the journey to inner happiness seems to frighten people. We are afraid of solitude and quiet; we are afraid to recognize the monsters lurking within us, thus, denying ourselves the exuberance of the imprisoned splendor. The real enemy is not out there; it is the apathy and anarchy within. And the booty of battle is not something we snatch from somewhere out there, but the victory over our unwilling selves, setting free the energies of life within us. We have to take our own unique pathways towards happiness. And the real misery of life consists in not finding that peace and joy within ourselves.

We were created to be happy. Bring out the best in each one of us. That is inspiration, the twin sister of happiness. To be happy is to be happy with. Alone, happiness will elude us. That is why Jack and Jill went up the hill…together. We spread our light or shadow on other people inescapably. When happiness is shared, the effort becomes lighter, faster, and at less cost; relationships become sweeter and more fulfilling. Dreams take off easily. Thus, happiness is not a solitary trek; we have company.

In simple terms, we have been created to be happy. We are sent to inspire. Let us start living the life of a champion. Today. Not tomorrow.