Peace Works 103, Inc. is an association of lay character, bound together by our baptismal calling and the commitment to serve the young. We abide by the specific laws in areas where we operate; we establish synergies with other institutions. We believe that educating and evangelizing the young is a foundational task to build the servant leaders of the future. As an apostolic association, we actively support the mission of the Salesians of Don Bosco among the [Filipino] youth, and humbly seek their guidance and animation in our interventions in behalf of the youth. As an alliance tasked with animating young adults towards their active concern for the young ones, we take an integral participation in the youth ministry of the Salesians in places where we operate.

ANYARE? A drug addiction intervention congress in partnership with Social Concerns Commission was held on August 2017; attended by Salesians and non-Salesian youth, teachers, volunteers, concerned government agencies and NGOs.  

This is an event aimed at creating awareness among the young on how to confront and support the rehabilitation of the drug addicts; where they will go after undergoing such program and how will the community respond to these issues.